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ZoomInfo Acquires Data Enrichment Solution RingLead

The integration allows ZoomInfo users to tackle their challenges with inaccurate data and turn more leads into conversions.

David Pepin

Industry-leading go-to-market software and data intelligence company ZoomInfo has announced it is acquiring RingLead, an award winning data automation and orchestration platform.

The integration aims to equip sales and marketing teams with the tools necessary to accelerate and optimize go-to-market actions. The acquisition aims to allows ZoomInfo users to turn more leads into revenue with the ability to seamlessly connect the intelligence and the engagement layer.

RingLead works by automating sales and marketing operations with data insights. It enables its users with the ability to manage and clean inaccurate data in real-time in a simple and user-friendly interface.

“A clean and unified view of the customer is absolutely critical for go-to-market teams—often the difference between winning and losing a sale,” said Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO.

“The acquisition of RingLead allows our customers to marry ZoomInfo intelligence with other data sources to create a unified view of their customers and shorten the path from data to engagement. These are prerequisites for effective, data-driven automation. RingLead helps us take the next step in continuing to build a comprehensive, modern go-to-market platform where data and insights drive intelligent and automated orchestration.”

One of RingLead’s most notable capabilities is its ability to resolve data decay by transforming incomplete data into valuable data metrics that can be used to drive growth and streamline workflows. Its platform can collect inaccurate data, clean it, and then return it to RingLead users as valuable insights.

Since RingLead’s foundations in 2003, the company has worked with Fortune 500 businesses around the world to help them organize and optimize their data. The platform can be integrated with CRMs such as Salesforce to make accessing valuable data more accessible than ever.

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The solution joins ZoomInfo’s pursuit of providing dynamic data and intelligence solutions for B2B sales and marketing professionals. ZoomInfo is currently used by over 20,000 companies across the globe.

“Since day one, RingLead has remained focused on delivering innovative and integrated data orchestration software that supports high-growth businesses as they go to market in an increasingly competitive and digitized landscape,” said RingLead COO Colby Greene.

“We are thrilled to join ZoomInfo, an innovator that shares our vision and passion for building out an end-to-end go-to-market platform.”