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yellow.ai Releases U.S. Expansion Plan Along With New AI Voice Bots

The world’s leading conversational CX platform has announced its plan to get bigger with new capabilities and new market expansion.

David Pepin

yellow.ai, a global leader platform in conversational customer experience automation, has announced it is expanding its reach into the United States, as well as launching voice AI bots. The platform, which is already used by over 700 businesses globally, plans to continue its expansion by breaking into and hiring in U.S. markets.

The platform, which hosts over a billion conversations every quarter, aims to provide users with valuable customer experiences at lower costs by integrating AI and human intelligence for differentiated approaches to consumer engagements. Chat automation tools allow users to automate voice interactions on websites, instant messaging tools, and social media.

According to Gartner research, 40 percent of all call center inbound calls will be directed to automated voice services by 2025. Trends show that the customer experience is becoming highly automated across industry due to evolving consumer demands. Today, AI voice bots are almost human in the ways they can navigate a conversation and understand tone, words, and intent.

Voice bots are set to continue evolving into everyday life across the world, with yellow.ai’s bots already written and verbally conversational in over 100 languages. With quality customer experience now a necessity, businesses who adapt quickly to AI trends allow themselves a competitive advantage.

“yellow.ai allows large enterprises to successfully automate customer experience while elevating the quality of customer interactions. We have already been recognized as a leader in Conversational AI by Gartner and G2. Now we are actively expanding our strategic partnerships and offices around the world, with U.S. growth as a key priority. We are delighted to extend our repertoire in the region with ‘Conversational Voice AI,’ the future of CX,” said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-Founder of yellow.ai.

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Ravinutala announced that yellow.ai will be spearheading its expansion into the U.S. by hiring over 70 employees seated throughout the country for multiple positions.

“Conversational interfaces are changing how we relate to brands, and voice is playing a key role in enabling smarter brand-to-consumer interactions. Today, growth and success in every business is highly indexed to creating personalized and differentiated customer experiences.” Ravinutala commented. “At yellow.ai, we are dedicated to enabling human-like, engaging conversations with our conversational customer experience platform, which empowers enterprises to deliver CX with the ultimate balance between their human + AI capabilities.”