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Y Meadows Releases New AI Customer Support Solution

Y Meadows’ new automated customer support software aims to provide end-to-end machine learning solution for enterprises.

David Pepin

When it comes to excellent customer service, fast and accurate responses are everything. But often, global-scale companies find it difficult to keep up to date with all their customers without a proper artificial intelligence strategy.

Customer support technology company Y Meadows has officially launched its newest automated solution to help companies improve customer experiences and interactions.

The software takes advantage of Natural Language Processing technology to help the solution understand the context of messages and automatically provide customers with the correct response.

Alan Rich, CEO of Y Meadows commented, “By using the latest natural language processing technologies, we have created an advanced solution specifically for customer service teams. With our experienced team and the assistance of our early adopters, we have built an enterprise solution capable of supporting global companies.”

The technology company believes that trainable AI solutions can provide an overall more positive customer experience and higher quality interactions.

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Thanks to feedback and trials from their earliest users, the solution is currently available on cloud-based environments or to be hosted by the customer. The solution offers several pricing and plan options, starting at $995 per month.