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Wistia Launches Animated Series To Teach Marketers Content Strategies

The resource presents valuable marketing knowledge and tips in an engaging animated format to help develop new B2B content strategies.

David Pepin

With digital and social media channels constantly shifting trends and accessories, marketers can face difficulties when attempting to develop new strategies. It is estimated that more than 53 percent of the world’s population uses social media and nearly 62 percent of the world uses the internet.

So with billions of potential digital interactions every day and competitors producing their own targeted marketing strategies, how can marketers keep their strategies fresh?

Wistia, one of the industry leaders in video, podcasting, and marketing educational content products, has announced it is releasing an animated cartoon series that aims to help B2B marketers understand how to produce engaging digital content. The series, titled Gear Squad vs Dr. Boring is an entertaining series of educational short videos that make learning new content strategies fun and engaging.

The cartoon series features five episodes covering topics for revitalizing and creating marketing strategies such as making an engaging email drip campaign, launching livestreams to target niche audiences, and utilizing popular marketing trends in the B2B space.

The short videos deliver valuable lessons and tips from some of the industry’s top minds, all in an animated format that many marketers will find nostalgic of Saturday morning cartoons. The series went live on the morning of Tuesday, October 26th and featured a watch party event at 12PM ET on Friday, October 29th.

The series will become a valuable part of Wistia’s learning center, a feature designed to help current and future marketers develop their skills and industry knowledge. Multiple studies have suggested that dynamic visualizations such as animation and sounds can actually increase information comprehension, especially among young adults and children.

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Since the company was founded in 2006, Wistia has made a name for itself as a platform enabling brands to take control of their video and audio content strategies. In addition to its learning center, Wistia’s product features several content creation, presentation, and analytics solutions that help marketers grow their content strategies.

Wistia is used by more than 375,000 global brands such as Mailchimp, Moz, Zendesk, Casper, and Unbounce to create and publish unique content.