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What is M2T? And How to Use This Website

Senior web editor Adam Forziati introduces himself and explains how to use M2T: Marketing to Technology Professionals.

What is M2T? And How to Use This Website

If any of you reading this have already seen my name or spoken with me, it’s probably on account of my work on our sister site, MyTechDecisions. I’ve spent the last few years writing for that IT-facing website, as well as our other site, Commercial Integrator. In writing to those audiences, I’ve learned a great deal about how to get the attention of technology professionals – whether they’re IT directors, CIOs, building managers, or even integration firm leaders.

While my perspective on the technology industry has changed as I’ve learned more about it, my appreciation for the marketing pros, the product managers, and everyone else I’ve met at trade shows hasn’t: each and every one of you who has sent me press releases and ushered me through trade show booths has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Now, as of April 2021, I’ve taken a new job at myparent company as senior web editor of this brand-new website, M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros, as well as M2I: Marketing to Integrators.

Instead of writing to CIOs, IT department leaders, and building managers, I’m going to be writing to you, the people whose job it is to connect with and ultimately market tech products to them.

Who am I?

I’m a firm believer that a trade website like this ought to have a little personality – after all, we’re not the Wall Street Journal. While I want you to view us as a reliable, trustworthy source of information, I also want you to feel as though you can approach me and anyone else who contributes to this website.

So, here’s my ice breaker: I’m almost 29 years old (as of May 2021); I live in Eastern Massachusetts and grew up on Cape Cod; when I’m not working, I’m probably cooking spicy food, playing pickleball, working on a podcast, exploring with my partner Shannon, creating a fragrance, or observing the chaos wrought by our three cats and our cat-like dog (Finnegan, Magnolia, Gideon, and Betsy, respectively).

A random fact about me: a very, very distant relative of mine was mentioned in Dante’s Inferno (Sig. Alighieri apparently deemed the relative a “religious heretic,” and brutally placed him in the 9th circle of hell – how arrogant!).

What we hope to accomplish on this website

M2T is designed to be a forum for marketing and technology product professionals to better understand – and market to – the technology decision-making community.

For years, we’ve operated IT-facing trade publications like my former site, TechDecisions, as well as Campus Safety.

As our “About Us” page says:

“Over the years, we’ve also made deep connections in the integration industry with associations, manufacturers, distributors, and industry influencers. We have seen that there is a persistent need for targeted insights for the technology marketers who sell to integrators.”

What we plan to cover

M2T will share what we’ve learned about this channel through market research, industry trends analysis, executive Q&A’s, and more.

While we also plan to provide generalized tips for modern marketing departments, our focus is on offering exclusive, IT industry-specific insights and research you can’t find anywhere else.

We’ll do this through special reports, quick blogs, long-form articles, video interviews, thematic newsletters, and even a podcast.

If you’d like to keep in touch with what we’re doing to clarify what makes the IT industry unique and how AV/IT manufacturers, distributors, and software companies can better meet their needs, reach out to me for a copy of our editorial calendar.

If you’re interested in contributing an article to our website (which we gratefully encourage), reach out to me at the email below. 

I hope to hear from you soon! 

Adam Forziati, Senior Web Editor