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M2T + Forrester Research: The Role of Customer Engagement in Growing Your Business

Post-sale customer engagement is a critical factor in growing your business. Hear from a Forrester Research analyst with insights into how to create an effective post-sale customer lifecycle.

Bringing in new customers is essential for every business. However, engaging existing customers and developing that relationship is arguably even more important. Increasing customer retention and broadening customer relationships to include additional products and services are key measures of a company’s health.

Once the buying process is complete, what happens next to your customers? Engaging existing customers post-sale, ensuring they use the offering, derive benefits from it, and are willing to share their story, is critical to growth and retention.

In this session on post-sale customer engagement strategies, Amy Bill, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will discuss:

  • Why post-sale customer engagement matters in B2B
  • Description of the post-sale customer lifecycle
  • Key actions to consider for marketers

Join us for this informative online seminar to gain insight into how to better engage with customers and fuel your business growth.

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