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M2T + Forrester Research: Connecting with B2B Customers Through Community

A key element of turning customers into advocates is creating a sense of community that makes your customers feel like partners. Discover key insights from Forrester Research on building an effective community of customers.

A customer community is a space in which like-minded customers can interact with each other and with your company to learn, support and develop professionally and personally. Community is a crucial component of a customer engagement strategy, strengthening customer loyalty and impacting expansion and retention.

A robust, thoughtfully created and managed online community on a purpose-built platform is the right investment for many organizations, but that level of commitment isn’t the only way to start or expand your customer community.

In this session on building a community of customers, Amy Bill, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will discuss:

  • Defining community for B2B organizations
  • Understanding what will resonate with your customers
  • Demonstrating how community impact is measured

Join us for this informative online seminar to gain insight into how to better engage with customers and fuel your business growth.

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