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M2T + Forrester Research: Evaluating the Success of Your Martech Stack

Marketers tried a lot of new tactics in 2021 to help address the pandemic as well as capitalize on new technologies and trends. Find out how to determine what worked best and plan for 2022.

As 2022 kicks off, marketers are taking a look back to see what worked — and didn’t work — over the past year. That’s why we are hosting an online seminar with Katie Linford, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research to discuss best practices in analyzing your results.

Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Revisiting your KPIs and goals for 2021
  • Measuring and evaluating success
  • Determining root causes of lower results
  • Optimizing your tech stack

Join us Tuesday, January 25 at 2pm ET for expert insights into evaluating your 2021 results and planning for improvements in 2022.

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