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VRdirect Studio Update Enables Enterprises With Easy-To-Use VR Tools

The update streamlines virtual reality strategies by making VR experiences easy to create and valuable to engage with.

David Pepin

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many of the ways businesses host experiences for their audience. Live events experienced a major shift onto digital platforms, providing new opportunities and also new challenges for enterprises.

Since the shift to digital, virtual reality tools have been powerful means for companies to keep their audiences engaged. Enterprise virtual reality solution VRdirect has announced it is releasing Version 2.5 of its platform VRdirect Studio with new features to empower business organizations with effective VR experience capabilities.

The updated version is designed to connect VR experiences to external apps by supporting WebHooks with session IDs. Users of the platform can experience new video controls that help create targeted links to specific scenes and VR applications.

“Our goal is to make Virtual Reality as ubiquitous to office culture as PowerPoint, Word and Keynote,” said Rolf Illenberger, VRdirect’s Managing Director. “We’ve made the barrier to entry so simple that anyone could create a 3D environment in minutes and our clients from individuals to enterprise corporations have taken notice.”

The new version of the platform aims to make integrating VR applications into existing IT infrastructure easy and effective. Companies using multiple systems can use the new update to streamline their VR capabilities with deep links that allow users to jump directly to relevant experiences.

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Users will have the power to control their VR experience using new tools that let them independently start, stop, and pause videos. As VRdirect aims to enter into the North American market, it already has existing clients with some of Europe’s top businesses including Nestlé, Porsche, T-Mobile, and Siemens.

The company will be debuting its North American appearances from November 9-11 at AWE USA in Santa Clara, California.