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Vloggi And SnapSea Team Up To Empower User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an highly affordable and engaging way for brands to tell visual stories on digital platforms.

David Pepin

You’ve probably seen the situation before: a company posts a piece of content on their branded social accounts that is created by a customer, not a member of the marketing team. As marketing strategies continue to evolve in 2021, user-generated content is helping many brands generate more trust and engagement with its products.

Research suggests that 93 percent of marketers claim consumers tend to trust user-generated content more than brand-generated. After all, people tend to trust people more than they trust brands. This leads 75 percent of marketers to believe that adding user-generated content can make their brand seem more authentic and trustworthy.

Earlier this month, video messaging solution Vloggi and user-generated content management platform SnapSea have announced a new partnership designed to empower brands with the tools to market, promote and develop user-generated content strategies.

“We see great synergies in our two product sets,” said Justin Wastnage, founder and CEO of Vloggi. “Increasingly companies are looking for both public and private user-generated content and this partnership allows us to work with a leader in the public social media rights management space to deliver that service to our clients”.

Since Vloggi was founded in 2018, the company’s collaborative video production platform has used AI to help brands discover and manage user-generated video content. The Australian tech solution is used around the world by diverse organizations such as Avon, Dale Carnegie, the City of Sydney, and Hamilton, the musical.

SnapSea is a startup founded in 2020 that uses AI to help brands identify and acquire optimized user-generated content. Its visual marketing platform makes it easy for brands to collect new content stories and share via social, web, and other digital mediums.

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“Public user-generated content offers brands the opportunity to take advantage of a plethora of authentic and timely content available at their fingertips. However, in the public sphere, impactful video content can be much more difficult to source and license via social media platforms,” Cody Dillabough, managing director of SnapSea said.

“We hope this partnership with Vloggi will enable us to offer both public and private user-generated content and round out our product offering to clients.”

Under the Memorandum of Understanding which was signed by both organizations, Vloggi and SnapSea will agree to promote and refer each other’s services to their respective customer-bases.

“With the rise of video creation and improvements in content delivery networks, we have seen a significant move towards video by brands and consumers alike. With the direct upload capabilities of Vloggi and the creator discovery tools of SnapSea, our clients can enable their brand advocates and ambassadors to upload videos already captured on their phones,” added Dillabough.