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Vimeo Adds New Platform To Empower Live Virtual Events

Vimeo Events provides its users with an easy-to-use studio of live virtual event production and promotion tools.

David Pepin

One of the pandemic’s most notorious motifs were the countless images of empty stadiums, concert halls, and event venues. Sites that normally represent places of large gatherings, all left vacant.

The shift to virtual live events was a sudden and dramatic switch for many B2B and B2C brands. Now, over a year since the pandemic first shook the world, live virtual events are proving their residency as a top event marketing channel.

One of the industry’s leading softwares, Vimeo, has announced its release of  Vimeo Events as a platform for producing, promoting, and measuring live virtual events. The solution’s customizable live production studio and audience engagement tools help optimize webinars, product launches, and other large-scale virtual events.

“Today, every marketer needs the ability to produce and promote virtual events easily and confidently,” says Mark Kornfilt, President and Chief Product Officer, Vimeo. “We’ve reimagined what’s possible for producing stunning virtual experiences with a DIY solution that cuts right through the pain points of traditional event production and distribution. No other video platform offers the breadth of capabilities— and stress-free experience— that Vimeo provides.”

Vimeo Events introduces itself as an easy-to-use studio with the top marketing technology to help centralize and upgrade audience engagement. With the solution, users can manage audience registration, automate email communication, view performance insights, and edit content all in one platform to deliver captivating experiences.

Vimeo Events is trusted by some of the world’s top brands like Deloitte, Nasdaq, Zendesk, Rite Aid, and Paychex to host live virtual events with higher confidence. Users can take advantage of the following features:

  • DIY live production studio: The tool gives users complete control over their live events to pre-record content, integrate videos and into events, and streaming it live for vast audiences to view.
  • Event prep and management: Presenters, speakers, and backstage production managers can prepare in advance to ensure a rehearsed live experience.
  • Audience registration and reminder tools: Integrations with marketing platforms like Marketo, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact empower customizable registration and reminders.
  • Engagement tools: Customizable graphics, branding, chats, polls, and Q&A creates highly interactive experiences.
  • Performance analytics: Users can monitor and view their event metrics.

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Since Vimeo was launched in 2004, it has served as one of the top softwares for hosting and sharing video content. Over 230 million users from some of the world’s top companies use the software to take control of their video content and live event strategies.