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Vidyard Usage Grows 250 Percent In The Past Year

Lockdowns and social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic led salespeople to a surge in demand for video tools like Vidyard.

David Pepin

As enterprises continue to prioritize video for sales activities, marketing teams are increasing their demand for video tools. Industry leading video platform Vidyard announced that due to this recent increase in demand, adoption of their platform has grown 250 percent.

In the past year, the platform welcomed over 5,000 new organizational customers which led to over 7 million users of the Vidyard platform. Its offerings of powerful video messaging and recording tools to SaaS, financial services, and professional services industries led the company to its most successful financial year ever.

The spike in growth was largely a result of the restrictions of the pandemic. Companies around the world needed to adapt to virtual interactions, and many turned to Vidyard to help keep customers engaged.

“The new era of video in business has arrived,” said Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. “Leading companies across industries are maturing their use of video technology and embracing a video-first approach to sales and marketing. The cultural obligations of traditional work and how buyers and brands interact have changed forever. The enterprise video market is energized, and we’re excited about Vidyard’s opportunity to grow with it rapidly.”

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Vidyard has also recently integrated with Slack in a move that allows users to record and send video messages directly within Slack to upgrade team collaboration. Currently, the platform is also launching an integration with LinkedIn, which would give salespeople the ability to record and send videos using LinkedIn messages. The platform has also launched apps for Mac and Windows for further expansion of video usage by sales professionals.

“We’ve been using Vidyard as a key part of our video marketing strategy to scale our use of video and to track important metrics related to reach, resonance and ROI,” Said Andrei Vexler, director of video marketing at Ceridian. “With our continued growth, we’ve expanded our use of Vidyard across our sales teams to connect with remote buyers in more impactful ways with one-to-one personalized videos. The results have been far-reaching, including helping us stand out with new prospects, more clearly explain our value proposition, and build better relationships when we can’t be there in person.”

Vidyard experienced incredible growth in the past year, and they believe they can sustain this success even with economies opening back up and in-person events resuming. Demand for digital video content is surging and Vidyard has been able to grow its company as a result, investing in a brand new center in Kitchener, Ont. to promote a hybrid work environment.