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Upwave Announces Portfolio Analytics, Upgrades Campaign Performance

The new feature is designed to help users get the most value out of their cross-channel campaign metrics and strategies.

David Pepin

For brand marketers, analytics are often the key ingredient that helps turn average campaigns into impactful ones. Now, brand marketers will gain new opportunities to take control of their analytics thanks to Upwave’s release of Portfolio Analytics.

Portfolio Analytics is a new campaign management suite designed to help users monitor their analytics with easy-to-use dashboards and tools. Its comprehensive dashboard displays include campaign results and KPIs to give users a complete understanding of their campaign performance.

“We are always looking for ways to help our advertisers examine cross-campaign brand outcomes to optimize their investments,” said Scott Symonds, Managing Partner at AKQA. “Gaining access to this level of detailed, cross-channel information through Upwave’s Portfolio Analytics in real-time gives our clients insights they didn’t previously have. Now we can more effectively optimize future brand campaigns, with as much analytical rigor as we’ve always optimized performance campaigns.”

With AI and machine learning features, Portfolio Analytics streamlines campaign metrics so users can measure and adjust their strategies in real time as necessary. The solution gives its users the capabilities to:

  • Monitor campaign comparisons across multiple channels and of Linear vs CTV vs OLV vs other media channels
  • Gather first-party and third-party data organized by category insights to drive optimized strategies
  • Use negotiation tools to stay up to date with media partners and metrics
  • Customize campaign performance expectations through the entire sales cycle
  • Monitor and analyze KPI benchmarks
  • Personalize and establish contextual performance benchmarks

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Upwave is trusted by some of the top brands in multiple industries around the world such as Under Armour, Forbes, Pandora, and Citizens Bank to manage their brand campaigns. Its leading predictive analytics model and vast consumer data sets allow it to help users easily monitor and upgrade cross-channel campaign strategies. The company is backed by investors such as Uncork Capital, Ridge Ventures, and Conductive Ventures, among others.

“We are excited to offer Upwave Portfolio Analytics to clients so they can view the results of various campaigns in one place and help us to continue to show the value of our highly effective and accurate contextual technology,” said Travis O’Neil, Senior Vice President of Operations at GumGum.