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Twilio Unveils New Customer Data Tools On Its Segment Platform

The new tools boost its customer data platform as 51 percent of companies use a CDP in their business strategy.

David Pepin

Last year, Twilio made moves to acquire Segment, a consumer data platform designed to help personalize communications to target audiences. This year, the cloud communications platform has announced it is releasing a set of new developer tools to Segment in a move designed to empower valuable customer experiences.

With the new releases, user organizations will have upgraded ability to save money, increase efficiency, and gain control of their business processes. The engagement tools come as part of Twilio’s strategy to create a data management solution that incorporates the best of both Twilio and Segment.

“The one-size-fits-all software-as-a-service suites of today can no longer deliver the differentiated customer experiences needed for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition. What companies save in build and maintenance efforts, they lose in differentiation and flexibility — both of which are key for survival in the digital age. As a result, developers are often stuck creating integration workarounds for marketing and product teams that require thousands of hours of work to be extended and maintained,” Jodi Alperstein, VP and general manager of Segment, said in an interview with VentureBeat.

“With our new Developer Toolkit, developers have even more flexibility to modify and customize all their data flows.”

With the new capabilities, users will have the ability to target specific behaviors with Destination Actions by taking advantage of customized actions and profile updates. Functions, another example of these new tools, offers powerful sourcing solutions with customizable strategies. Multi-Instance Destinations compiles data from multiple sources into a single, easy to read destination.

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“Marketing stacks are growing exponentially and often developers don’t have access to the integrations needed to connect their technology stack. This creates a nightmare for developers. Building and maintaining all the integrations that a modern business needs requires thousands of engineering hours, distracting them from building customer experiences and products that are core to their business,” Added Alperstein.

“The Twilio Segment Developer Toolkit empowers developers to control and customize  data collection and integration, giving an incredible amount of flexibility to build unique, differentiated customer experiences. Both Twilio and Segment share a developer-first DNA, and we are shifting the industry’s focus away from ‘one-size-fits-all’ towards giving companies the building blocks to customize their customer experience as needed.”

Customer data platforms (CDP) such as the Twilio and Segment integration are becoming more common in business environments. According to London Research survey insights, 51 percent of companies are already using a CDP in their business strategies. 

With new tools, Twilio’s global customer base of over 172,000 businesses will enjoy upgraded communication capabilities.