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Twilio Releases New Automation Tool For Optimized B2C Engagements

Twilio Engage takes advantage of real-time customer data analytics to empower personalized marketing experiences.

David Pepin

Twilio, a cloud communications platform designed to optimize customer engagement, has announced it is releasing its new marketing automation platform, Twilio Engage. The release comes as a part of Twilio’s plan to create a single, comprehensive customer engagement stack.

The release will focus on marketing automation and join its new sister features Twilio Frontline and Twilio Flex, which focus on sales automation and customer service automation respectfully.

“We believe Twilio Engage is going to disrupt marketing and customer engagement,” said Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Twilio Segment.

“Until today, no single platform has made it possible to power personalized interactions across the entire customer journey. For years, marketers have been locked into one-size-fits-all marketing suites built for an entirely different era. Twilio Engage delivers true end-to-end customer engagement by giving businesses the best customer data, powerful messaging capabilities, and unlimited API extensibility.”

Engage’s omnichannel platform provides a complete space for marketers to produce digital marketing strategies fueled by growth automation tools. The product takes advantage of data integrations, analytics, and messaging tools to help marketers create personalized customer experiences.

The solution was announced at the company’s Signal 2021 event in mid-October with the mission to democratize personalization. Features of the solution include:

  • Email and text messaging integrations
  • Test campaigns with behavior-based automation tools
  • Data-driven multichannel personalization
  • Marketing stack APIs
  • Campaign displays allowing users to track and analyze their metrics

Over 150,000 enterprise customers such as Doordash, Lyft, Airbnb, Shopify, and Uber currently use Twilio’s platform and will now have access to the new capabilities Engage provides. The product release follows last October’s $3.2 billion acquisition of Segment, a move designed to boost Twilio’s customer data tools.

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“At Twilio Segment, we asked ourselves a simple question. What if we reimagined digital marketing … as a data-up growth platform, instead of a campaign-down marketing cloud? What if there was a product that allowed you to personalize every single customer interaction, and do it all in real time?” Reinhardt said.

“This is what we call growth automation — using data to fine-tune in real time, across the entire customer journey.”

Twilio Engage is expected to be ready for widespread public use in Q1 2022.