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Turbonomic Acquisition Empowers IBM’s Cloud ARM Capabilities

The acquisition allows IBM to expand its cloud-based AI solutions and optimize application resource management.

David Pepin

IBM has announced the acquisition of application resource management vendor Turbonomic in an effort to bring greater artificial intelligence tools to its solutions.

The acquisition plays a key part in IBM’s strategy to streamline and optimize ARM using AI to improve productivity, as well as save time and money. According to an IDG survey, over 67 percent of professionals believe that automating IT operations will be essential for efficient business transformations.

According to Reuters, the deal may be worth up to $1 billion and may be bringing its shareholders as much as $1.5 billion.

Below is a summary of how the deal expands IBM’s cloud-based services:

  • The second-largest company acquisition under CEO Arvind Krishna.
  • Turbonomic’s ARM solutions are going to be aligned with IBM’s Watson AIOps solution to bring more automation into IT operations.
  • Consolidation of cost savings by allowing resources to be optimized.
  • Increase observability in business IT applications.

The ARM services from Turbonomic and its venture Instana will be integrated with IBM’s existing Watson AIOps. The move is part of IBM’s approach to differentiate its portfolio of services and expand their ARM solutions into the modern business environment.