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Trello And Loom Partner To Bring Asynchronous Teams Video Capabilities

The integration is designed to help teams develop high productivity and engagement as they collaborate remotely.

David Pepin

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the way that many businesses and organizations communicate. Hybrid work schedules are now normal across industries as 57 percent of workers report favoring remote or partially remote work schedules, according to Buffer’s 2021 State Of Remote Work.

However a mass shift to hybrid and remote work environments presents a new set of communication and engagement challenges. Trello, a digital project management software, has announced its integration with Loom’s video platform to give asynchronous teams engaging collaboration tools.

The integration works by allowing Trello users to send and receive Loom videos directly on their Trello board without having to switch apps.

According to the 2021 State Of Remote Work, 52 percent of workers have found themselves in more meetings due to the remote work environments. Users can increase productivity with the integration by cutting out unnecessary meetings and replacing them with video updates and comments.

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Teams can also easily set up more valuable onboarding processes. Beginning a Trello board can be made much easier for new employees with an onboarding Loom video card that explains setups of processes.

With the new capabilities, Trello users have the ability to boost their employee engagement and team productivity with shared screen recordings and video messages. Bringing teams closer no matter where they log on, the integration helps optimize hybrid and remote work environments.