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These Are The Tools Driving Innovations In B2B Virtual Event Marketing

Virtual events, both live and on-demand, are making it easier and more effective than ever for brands to connect with their audiences.

David Pepin

Virtual events have been one of the headlining digital innovations of the past two years. Their growth in popularity started due to social distancing regulations, but has stuck around due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and overall engagement capabilities.

In 2022, marketers have access to hundreds of softwares and platforms for optimizing their virtual and hybrid events. Our report “B2B Virtual Event Tools and Software” explores four of the top solutions helping event planners create valuable B2B webinars and virtual events.


When it comes to video content creation, Soapbox by Wistia is one of the easiest and most effective solutions to use. The free Google Chrome plug-in allows marketers to quickly and easily record, edit, and promote their video content for multiple marketing activities. The all-in-one production suite provides tools to support all points of content creation from webcam recording and screen recording to custom sharing pages and data analytics.


In the words of Mitch Thrower, CEO, Chairman & Founder of Events.com, “Event organizers use countless software products that are not compatible with each other. When planning your event, first define your revenue goal: is it sponsorship and ticketing revenue? Or converting customers with digital gift bags, or product offerings?”

The event management system is curated to help event organizers oversee all aspects of planning a virtual event. The all-in-one platform helps users organize registration, sponsorships, partnerships, marketing, and many more aspects of launching an event marketing campaign.

Astound Digital

One of the most innovative platforms for product launches, Astound Digital uses its comprehensive suite of 3D and VR-focused presentation styles to engage target audiences. The features of the product include tools to create 360 degree virtual rooms for hosting realistic exhibits, event spaces, and virtual trade shows. The platform has been used by leading brands such as Microsoft, the Las Vegas Raiders, Nike, Porsche, and Old Spice to creatively promote product launches and memorable customer experiences.


Glisser‘s event technology platform is a perfectly customizable solution for brands to create meaningful customer engagement. The platform allows its users to integrate tools such as polls, quizzes, and games into presentations to optimize audience engagement.

Its range of capabilities are helping event organizers engage audiences with personalized content, monetize strategies, and analyze attendee connections and data.

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