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Terminus Extends LinkedIn Marketing Capabilities With API Integration

The ABM platform’s new release of next-gen API integrations helps support customers with the tools necessary to engage with target accounts.

Terminus Extends LinkedIn Marketing Capabilities With API Integration
ABM In Action Team

Terminus, an ABM platform, revealed its next-gen API integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to help users extend their Terminus account lists. The updates build upon Terminus’ initial integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in 2018.

The new features include:

  • Improved account matching and targeting that enables customers to target larger lists of companies with an increased list size of 10,000 accounts;
  • matching algorithm that aims to increase match rates between Terminus accounts and companies on LinkedIn;
  • Campaign-level reporting to view LinkedIn ad campaigns alongside other campaigns directly in Terminus, and compare results for new insights;
  • Support for all LinkedIn ad types, including sponsored content, video ads, lead gen forms and more; and
  • The ability to leverage native tools within LinkedIn Campaign Manager using Terminus account lists.

“ABM and how teams go-to-market has significantly evolved since we first integrated with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in 2018,” said Bryan Wade, Chief Product Officer of Terminus, in a statement.

“We’re completely re-launching this integration with new and expanded capabilities to meet our customers’ needs for larger lists, support for all LinkedIn ad types and significantly improved match rates. We’re excited about our continued work with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, and with this next-gen integration, we are improving on and delivering the capabilities our customers need to reach and engage with the right accounts on LinkedIn’s powerful global network.”

This story premiered on our sister site, ABM In Action.