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Technology Marketing: Adapt or Lose Ground

Well, this is it: my first official week publishing content here on M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros (after spending a few years writing directly to integrators over on My TechDecisions & Commercial Integrator). Call it wistfulness — or simply a need to produce content — but I found myself scanning one of my old sites recently, and I came across the new version of a podcast I used to produce.

The new version of AV+, the Commercial Integrator podcast, has been altered to focus more on AV industry news. It’s my old team’s way of reclaiming the podcast now that I’m not working on it anymore — but it’s also a way for them to remain adaptable not only to the absence of the show’s former host, but to what they think integrators will respond well to.

Mind you, they’re an editorial team of writers and editors, not a marketing department. But like everyone in pro AV marketing, they have a goal to capture the attention of integration firm leaders.

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The lesson I learned from seeing my former colleagues doing something with the show I wouldn’t have thought to do was very clear: adaptability in Pro AV marketing — or any marketing, really — is incredibly important.

Typical planning processes are not flexible enough, says an Allocadia blog.

“More often it will fall to the marketing operations team to own, manage and execute the planning process for their teams. They are the part of the marketing organization that has the clearest view of what everyone else is doing and support the processes and technologies that the entire team uses to achieve success. And the way to achieve success in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world of marketing is factoring agility into plans.” — Allocadia

I’m sure the last year has already driven this point home for many of you. I’m curious: what have you done at your organization to stay agile and adaptable? 

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