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StatSocial Launches Audience Analytics Upgrades To Silhouette Platform

The newest version of Silhouette helps marketers discover how and when to engage their audiences with social media marketing campaigns.

David Pepin

Industry-leading social audience insights platform StatSocial has released a new  upgraded version of its audience analytics product Silhouette. The new features include innovative capabilities and tools to help marketers understand who their customers are and how to best engage them on major social platforms.

“Silhouette’s rich database of profiling criteria provides researchers with the ability to pre-screen their audience prior to kicking off a campaign, drastically reducing costs. And within minutes, they can deliver a custom audience to any third-party system for on-the-fly recruitment to support their initiative,” said StatSocial CEO David Barker. 

With a taxonomy of more than 95 thousand segments, Silhouette helps marketers analyze a complete view of their audience data. The platform’s easy-to-use audience builder helps marketers create custom audiences from a database of 1.3 billion social accounts and over 300 million verified identities.

The platform tools helps users collect audience insights, create customer personas, enrich first-party data, and manage social influencer audiences. With the new enhancements, StatSocial users can experience new reporting functionality to draw real-time insights from every customer interaction around the world.

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In addition, the latest version of Silhouette makes it easier than ever for B2B, B2C, and media organizations to integrate social audience analytics into marketing campaigns.

As online interactions grow to demand higher levels of personalization, the platform’s design helps marketers understand the best ways to engage their audiences and effectively execute strategies.

“While market research has been a huge focus for us leading up to this launch, it is also an exciting time for the influencer marketing industry. Over the past decade we have seen an explosion in word-of-mouth and influencer marketing, yet there has been no way to prove the effectiveness of these campaigns,” Barker added.

“Silhouette’s identity mapping capabilities finally give marketing professionals the ability to overlay social audiences with purchase data to attribute value to their programs. And with new self-serve features and UI updates, our clients have all the control to do so in a matter of clicks.”