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Smartsheet Releases Premium Offering To Unlock Collaboration Potential

Smartsheet Advance aims to provide users with dynamic digital collaboration features for greater personalization and flexibility.

Smartsheet Releases Premium Offering To Unlock Collaboration Potential
David Pepin

In 2020, people all around the world had to learn to be comfortable collaborating digitally. Last month, Smartsheet, one of the digital collaboration services industry’s leading players, announced the release of Smartsheet Advance, a powerful new platform.

Smartsheet Advance is an all-new premium offering designed to give users flexibility and agility to facilitate dynamic collaboration. The platform uses customer feedback to upgrade asset full-cycle management and value.

“Smartsheet Advance is the culmination of over 15 years of insights and a deep understanding of the enterprise,” commented Mark Mader, Chief Executive Officer at Smartsheet. “It provides a more effective way for our enterprise customers to deploy Smartsheet’s premium capabilities as their needs advance. Every customer is on a journey, and we are here as guides to help solve current needs, but also, more importantly, help future-proof them for a changing landscape.”

Smartsheet Advance is designed with the following capabilities:

  • New Control Center helps manage processes
  • New Dynamic View helps manage requests
  • Integration capabilities with systems such as Salesforce and Jira
  • Strong security monitoring

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Smartsheet Advance will be available in three tiers to customers — Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver allows users access to project management processes at scale. Gold builds upon Silver by adding in workflows and connections to other systems. Finally, Platinum adds complete security capabilities designed to fully protect workflows.

“Enterprises today require a platform built for their demands, combining scalable collaboration and workflow capabilities with the necessary security and governance to keep business moving forward,” said Wayne Kurtzman, Research Director of Social and Collaboration Technologies at IDC. “Smartsheet Advance brings together many of the features that business and IT leaders have been seeking to help them meet the needs of a modern, distributed workforce.”

Smartsheet Advance plans are now available to consumers who are looking for customizable tools to boost their collaboration and efficiency.