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SlickText Launches Personalized, Behavior-Driven AI Solution

Text messages are a massive channel for customer engagement, and Workflows uses AI to streamline and personalize text message campaigns.

David Pepin

According to 2021 market research by SMS Comparison, up to 90 percent of consumers prefer text messages to be the platform that they use to engage with a business. Text messages are one of the most effective channels to engage with consumers, as 95 percent are both read and responded to in about 3 minutes or less.

SlickText, an industry leader in text communication management, has released Workflows , a sequence automation solution designed to help brands organize personalized messages to consumers.

The solution operates by using simplified interfaces and tools that make it easy for brands to customize their workflows. With automated touchpoints, the solution personalizes text message interactions for each recipient, segmenting them into targeted audiences.

“The growth of automation and data-based capabilities will propel the next wave of text marketing innovation. Workflows combines both with ease of use and program scalability,” said Matt Baglia, CEO and CTO of SlickText. “Now, brands can implement long, complex text marketing journeys. Our software provides tools for continued campaign optimization to consistently set SlickText users up for success. Marketers seek to create distinctive brand experiences for their customers and, with Workflows, personalization and trigger-based communication has never been easier and more proficient.”

SMS Comparison’s research also suggests that there is huge room for growth in the market as SMS messages are projected to reach a $31.7 billion valuation in the United States by 2022. 98 percent of American adults currently own a mobile cell device.

The Workflows solution takes advantage of AI capabilities to help brands such as ESPN, American Cancer Society, Universal Studios, and FedEx produce and monitor their text message campaigns.

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Since its foundations in 2012, the brand has significantly grown its base of trusted users to 177,000 and has been the recipient of awards such as the the 2021 High Performer by G2 Crowd and former Technology Innovator of the Year.

Marketers can use SlickText to create, manage, and analyze their text message campaigns. The analytics tools offer real-time metrics that brands can use to optimize their campaigns and make adjustments as needed at any time.