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Sitecore Releases New SaaS Platform Experience Edge

The solution gives marketers the flexibility to create and manage content that is optimized for their brand marketing strategy.

David Pepin

Digital customer experience management service Sitecore has announced the release of Experience Edge, a new SaaS platform. The platform is designed to give marketers the flexibility to create more comprehensive digital experiences, while maintaining a simple display for users.

Experience Edge aims to improve the delivery part of customer experience by presenting marketers with tools for streamlined content planning, creation, collaboration, and metrics.

The platform uses headless content delivery capabilities to allow brand marketers to create and produce content that is optimized for any channel. Some examples include mobile devices like phones, watches, and tablets.

“Sitecore Experience Edge provides customers additional ways to deliver superior experiences, enable options for JAMstack architecture across Sitecore XM and Content Hub, and empower development teams with exceedingly flexible solutions and a modern framework,” said Tom De Ridder, CTO, Sitecore.

“Now, more than ever, our customers need flexibility and speed. Flexibility in how they serve up content quickly to meet their customers’ ever-demanding needs, and speed to keep their customers engaged and revenue coming in.”

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The platform can be integrated with two of Sitecore’s existing services: Sitecore Content Hub and Sitecore Experience Manager. The platform ultimately focuses on deploying content with improved speed and reliability that will make a difference in brands delivery strategy.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help the software make predictions based on data that produce content in real time. The software even offers three content management plans: fully user controlled, hybrid controlled, and a Sitecore controlled plan.

The software was officially released in February of 2021 and is currently widely available with updates and innovations ongoing.