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Shutterstock Launches AI Initiative To Expand Predictive Campaign Models

Shutterstock.ai will be supported by over 400 million pieces of Shutterstock content and its new AI acquisitions.

David Pepin

Shutterstock, one of the world’s leading creative content platforms, has announced it is launching a new data driven initiative called Shutterstock.ai. The new subsidiary will aim to help brands expand their predictive AI models by training them on how to use Shutterstock’s 400 million content offerings to drive results.

The new initiative will innovate creative business AI models by using data insights to develop predictive performance features and capabilities. Using these AI predictive models, Shutterstock.ai plans to increase campaign confidence among users.

Just as quickly as the new subsidiary was launched, it will become more powerful as Shutterstock.ai also announced the acquisitions of artificial intelligence platforms Pattern89, Datasine, and Shotzr for around $35 million total. All three AI companies will be integrated to help boost data insight capabilities of Shutterstock.ai.

Pattern89 is designed to help businesses make data-informed decisions that lead to more efficient predictive performances at scale. The solution takes away the effort of doing rounds of A/B testing and instead offers real time campaign metrics.

Datasine, a similar AI platform, helps provide users with insights and metrics that power effective campaigns. It takes advantage of algorithms is has created to review past campaigns and learn how to optimize ad performance for current and future campaigns.

Shotzr helps users make the right decision when it comes to selecting attention-grabbing images. The solution works by using image insights to enhance digital campaigns with images that make an impact on audiences.

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Though just recently launched, Shutterstock.ai will have the support of its parent organization’s massive content library which has over 380 million images and 22 million video clips.

“With these three acquisitions, Shutterstock.AI will help our customers globally solve the biggest creative challenge they have — discovering and selecting the right content that is relevant, and that resonates with audiences. We want our customers to create with confidence,” said Stan Pavlovsky, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterstock. “To complement this, Shutterstock.AI will also help new customer segments accelerate the development of artificial intelligence, by unlocking the power of the data associated with our vast content library. From autonomous vehicles, to content moderation, to AI powered process automation, Shutterstock.AI’s high quality data and services will enable companies to develop the next generation of technologies.”