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SEO.co And DEV.co Team Up To Release SEO Copywriting Tool

Brands need to produce unique and engaging content, which can be more challenging than it seems without a little help.

David Pepin

In the digital age of customer interactions, businesses all face a similar challenge: How do they make their content stand out against their competition? SEO.co and DEV.co aim to help users stand out from the crowd with the release of AI.DEV.co, a web copy generation tool.

Unique and exciting content is something that helps brands gain attention, and AI.DEV.co has been created to give users easier access to copy for multiple platforms such as advertisements, newsletters, and blogs. 

“SEO is challenging, expensive, and confusing for newcomers,” said Nate Nead, Principal of both SEO.co and DEV.co. “But it shouldn’t be. The internet is a big place with room for everyone who wants to use it to build and promote a business, so we believe SEO should be more accessible. AI.DEV.co is a tool that makes SEO copywriting simpler, faster, and cheaper – and therefore more accessible to a wide range of options.

The solution works by using artificial intelligence to study a company’s product and marketing materials, developing a copy plan. Users can then choose content and formats based on the message the are searching to convey. The tool optimizes copy by focusing on SEO tools provided by its creators, SEO.co and DEV.co.

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AI.DEV.co differentiates itself with its focus on SEO and an affordable price point. It can specifically be a powerful tool for larger brands who are looking to produce mass amounts of copy for SEO and digital marketing. 

“We don’t want this tool to remain stagnant. We want it to evolve, so it can continue serving the needs of marketers and business owners well into the future – and do it better,” Nead commented.