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Sendinblue Upgrades E-Commerce Capabilities With Three Acquisitions

With e-commerce projecting considerable growth in 2021, Sendinblue enhances its offerings with three acquisitions for $47 million.

David Pepin

Leading digital marketing platform Sendinblue, an all-in-one sales and marketing tools solution, has announced it is making major moves to expand its e-commerce offerings with the acquisition of three companies for a total of $47 million. Chatra, Metrilo, and PushOwl, all individually powerful e-commerce tools, now combine under Sendinblue to empower businesses to host efficient e-commerce websites.

“Pandemic-era restrictions prompted many small and medium-sized businesses to pivot – to digitize their marketing efforts and invest in e-commerce strategies,” said Steffen Schebesta, CEO of North America and VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue. “The global crisis resulted in a shift in consumer purchasing behavior. Online shopping increased by more than 46 percent, and with the acquisition of Chatra, Metrilo and PushOwl, we’re meeting the needs of these businesses.”

The acquisition of Chatra helps enhance automated chat notifications for website and social media customer interactions. Based on consumer behavior and predictions, the solution can automate responses to one-on-one inquiries. The solution works thanks to live chat and chat bot technologies that help streamline conversations and solve problems. The solution is used by over 40,000 business and online stores globally.

Metrilo is a platform designed to empower e-commerce customer retention with analytics, CRM, and email. With the addition of Metrilo, Sendinblue customers will have upgraded ability to monitor marketing and sales strategies for ROI performance. The easy-to-use solution offers plugin integrations for Shopify, Woo Commerce, and Magneto.

With PushOwl, Sendinblue users can optimize e-commerce growth with push notifications designed to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts due to lost interest in a product. The solution reminds consumers of the items in their carts and sends back in stock reminders for frequently viewed products to ensure that online stores can take advantage of their customer interest.

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Consumers in the United States are projected to spend over $933 billion on e-commerce sites this year, a nearly 18 percent growth from 2020’s turbulent business market. Especially for small and medium sized businesses, which were massively impacted by the pandemic, the improved Sendinblue platform offers affordable digital marketing solutions to enhance customer lifecycles.

“Acquiring Metrilo, Chatra and PushOwl are part of Sendinblue’s longer term vision to expand our marketing capabilities and dive into the growing e-commerce space,” said Armand Thiberge, CEO of Sendinblue. “Now, our all-in-one digital marketing solution will become even more powerful, enabling these businesses to expedite sales and drive strategic business decisions.”