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Semrush Earns Best Global SEO Software Title During Pandemic

The online visibility management software helped users combat their SEO and marketing challenges during the pandemic.

David Pepin

Boston-based digital management SaaS platform Semrush has been announced the Best Global SEO Software Suite at the 2021 Global Search Awards for its game changing online visibility management solution. Utilized by over 72,000 customers, Semrush helps marketers take advantage of useful insights so companies can build campaign solutions across various marketing channels.

The platform began creating a full stack of marketing software to address the challenges the pandemic brought to marketing and SEO. The organization empowered marketers in 2020 and 2021 to plan and monitor campaigns and strategies in a single, complete platform.

The company led these changes by focusing on integrating content marketing tools with Amazon Marketplace listings and Prowly PR tools. Semrush designed these integrations to allow marketers the capabilities to quickly adapt to changing scenarios.

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“This is not just an award for Semrush. It is much more about the smart SEOs and marketers who used great tools to navigate the pandemic. We honor THEIR successes during a seemingly impossible year and thank them for making it happen with Semrush,” Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush commented.

“We are delighted that during 2020, Semrush became indispensable for marketers with tools and depth that helped them move brands from catastrophe to prosperity despite unprecedented business conditions. Additionally, we are keen to expand our product suite even further, helping brands pivot quickly, understand shifting dynamics and make right decisions.”