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Qualtrics Acquires Customer Experience Platform Usermind

The acquisition pairs two similar thinking organizations when it comes to data-driven customer experiences.

David Pepin

Qualtrics, an American experience management software service, has announced it has acquired the customer experience platform Usermind to help companies attract and retain customers.

Usermind is a platform that is designed to focus on the “Journey Orchestration” market. Organizations that empower their clients with the tools to analyze customer relationship metrics and host valuable personalized communications are included in this market.

The move makes sense for Qualtrics, whose own platform helps its over-13,500 users analyze customer and employee relationship data and make decisions based on insights. The acquisition is the latest move in a year full of growth for Qualtrics, who went public at the beginning of the year and raised $1.55 billion.

“We started Usermind because we believe companies should know exactly where customers are in their journey, know when things go wrong, and be able to proactively guide customers to the best experience possible,” Usermind CEO Michel Feaster said in a blog post.

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According to Qualtrics’ research, 60 percent of consumers feel they would be likely to switch brands after a bad experience with a company.

“Monitoring customer satisfaction in every moment, in every channel went from a best practice to a mission-critical capability as businesses innovated digitally to survive,” commented Feaster.