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Precision Partnering B2BMX Virtual Conference Focuses On Improved ABM Strategies

The virtual conference will host sessions and presentations that focus on how marketers can improve their relationships with target accounts.

Terry Moffatt

Channel marketers will be offered a deep dive into the best practices that optimize segment-specific or account-based marketing programs with their partners at the B2B Marketing Exchange: Next-Level ABM, June 7-10.

The virtual event was originally scheduled as an in-person conference. The Next-Level ABM theme was selected after a review of feedback from attendees of the B2B Marketing Exchange On-Line Experience held in February. Post-event data and resounding comments from attendees and sponsors stressed just how many B2B revenue teams are prioritizing improved account targeting and segmentation strategies.

The Precision Partnering track at B2BMX Next-Level ABM will focus on how vendors collaborate with their partner ecosystems to boost opportunities with or in targeted or segmented prospects, market, or regions.

The sessions will provide actionable information on how channel marketers can build and maintain segment-ready ecosystems. They will also review the tools and tactics that enable vendors to define granular partner personas to identify the most appropriate partners for specific programs.

Presentations by partner marketing practitioners and industry experts will share insights on a variety of targeted marketing processes such identifying and collaborating with partners who have relationships with targeted accounts to accelerate ABM campaigns.

Attendees will learn how to use intent data to identify relevant opportunities for specific partners. Channel experts will review how to structure incentive programs that reward activity in high-priority segments. Attendees will discover how to begin to implement influencer marketing programs by initiating manageable, targeted campaigns. Another session will review how vendors can work with channel marketing -as-a-service (CMaaS) providers to work with partners on targeted campaigns.

Attendees will also discover how vendors are implementing personalized partner portals that optimize partner engagement in targeted campaigns. In addition to the Precision Partners sessions, B2BMX: Next-Level ABM will feature top-notch content on demand gen strategies presented by leading industry experts; access to world-class solution providers; and 1:1 networking.

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