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PlayOn Content Acquired By Tappx To Expand Video Content Strategies

The partnership enables marketers with the tools to create and monetize engaging video content for diverse campaigns and strategies.

David Pepin

In modern marketing, video content is one of the most important strategies companies are investing more in. In 2021, 93 percent of marketers believe video to be a valuable part of their overall marketing strategy. By creating engaging video content, business organizations equip themselves with the tools to drive customer interactions and relationships.

Tappx, one of the AdTech industry’s leading solutions for mobile and desktop, has announced it will be acquiring PlayOn Content in a move designed to boost its video generation and monetization capabilities. The acquisition will create a powerful platform to help marketers create, host, and monetize their video content.

“PlayOn Content has developed a video player with innovative solutions that brings more video content to web publishers, which is completely complementary to Tappx’s solutions.” said Daniel Reina, Tappx CEO.  “By integrating the PlayOn Content player with Tappx’s monetization and contextualization solutions, we can bring much more value to publishers, allowing them to make important qualitative leaps in strategies for generating and monetizing video content.”

PlayOn Content’s solution works by first allowing users to search for segmented video content in a database of thousands of pieces. Users can then copy and paste the content into their personal content management system for publication and immediate monetization.

The new partnership will support Tappx’s global expansion by boosting overall audiovisual monetization capabilities. PlayOn Content currently is used across Latin America markets by brands such as Televisa, Grupo Expansión and Multimedios GLP, and in Spain by HuffPost, Prisa Radio and Grupo Kiss FM.

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In addition to the solution’s video hosting and monetization capabilities, PlayOn Content can translate written and photo content into engaging videos based on statistics from sports, financial, and cryptocurrency markets.

“In order to grow you have to know how to learn and how to be part of something greater. Tappx is a group which has enormous experience and reach, and I look forward to exploring the notable synergies in our business model and product roadmaps further.” said Jordi Sabat, CEO and Founder of PlayOn Content.