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Pega Announces New AI Omnichannel Marketing Feature

The Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys feature helps marketers deliver personalized and relevant customer experiences.

David Pepin

Leading customer experience software Pegasystems has announced it is introducing a new AI-powered capability designed to optimize customer interactions. With Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys, marketers can automatically monitor and adjust their outreach approaches to better target unique customers.

Using multiple channels, users can revolutionize the way they interact with customers and adapt to shifting trends. The flexible, targeted approach helps marketers analyze their customers habits and predict the best ways to engage specific segments.

“While the opportunity to attract customers’ attention is more elusive than ever, most traditional marketing tools still can’t meet customers exactly where they are on their journeys,” said Rob Walker, vice president of decisioning and analytics at Pegasystems.

“Instead of creating static experiences based on deterministic logic, organizations need to optimize and humanize the customer experience. Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys provides businesses a propensity-driven solution that adapts to customers’ context in real time, bringing true value and relevance to customers and driving results in a way that’s never been done before.”

With the new feature, Pegasystems offers its customers upgraded capabilities including:

  • Quickly view data insights: Metrics gathered from customer journey’s can be automatically viewed and integrated into decision making. Real-time updates help provide faster performance improvements.
  • Real-time data-driven scoring: The software feature offers a single, comprehensive solution designed to optimize end-to-end customer experiences. Using this data, businesses can make decisions that make discovering, selling to, and retaining customers easier.
  • Journey performance analytics: Journey visualization tools make it easy to view and analyze journey performance. Using the tool, marketers can identify where they do well and where they need to improve.

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Pegasystems is one of the top customer experience softwares in the world, with 100 percent of the the top ten healthcare companies, 70 percent of the top insurance companies, and 90 percent of the top communications companies using its platform. The award winning platform boasts an ROI of 489 percent and over 600 million in revenue growth.

Since it was founded in 1983, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company has expanded to offices all around the world. Its software is used by top brands such as Sprint, TD Bank, Aflac, Cisco, and Santander.