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Outreach Launches New Sales Engagement Products

The sales engagement platform has released three new products to help businesses engage with customers and control their revenue cycle.

David Pepin

Outreach, one of the quickest-growing sales engagement platforms, has announced it is releasing three new products that are designed to help businesses impact sales across the entire revenue cycle. The new products provide organizations with greater pipeline visibility by focusing on real-time conversation intelligence, buyer sentiments, and customer engagement.

“In a world that has changed so dramatically, it’s what you do now that matters,” said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder of Outreach. “That’s why we built real-time conversation and made revenue intelligence actionable. Because we must empower revenue organizations to continuously evolve so they can thrive in this new environment. We’re living up to our vision of reimagining the category and paving the way for a new buyer and seller engagement model.”

Outreach Kaia

Kaia is designed to provide sellers with coaching moments in real time that provide faster sales ramp times and shorter deal cycles. Kaia aims to make sales reps more decisive with their customer interactions and give them the power to take advantage of sales enablement content.

Outreach Insights

Insights allows marketers and sales reps to gauge the interest level of customers in engaging with their product. By taking advantage of AI, sellers can use metrics to understand their communications with customers.

Outreach Success Plans

Success Plans allows customers and businesses a collaboration platform to communicate and share feedback. The platform helps sales organizations align seller and buyer teams involved in deals to create more accurate result predictions.

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“Over the last 15 months, as revenue leaders strived to meet and exceed targets amid a global pandemic, they faced the most challenging environment of their careers. As the economy bounces back, those leaders who made bets on the right technologies and providers are thriving, while those that didn’t are missing a huge opportunity,” commented Mary Shea at Outreach.

“Having a comprehensive technology platform and the right partner is now more essential than ever. By integrating real-time conversation intelligence, buyer sentiment analytics, and a dynamic environment that enhances buyer and seller collaboration, Outreach is transforming the sales engagement category while delivering unparalleled value to its users across the entire revenue cycle.”