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Optimizely Optimizes B2B Site Search With Bridgeline Partnership

The partnership will be used to expand site search capabilities for B2B buyers and industry-leading enterprises.

David Pepin

Cloud-based marketing technology SaaS company Bridgeline Digital and Optimizely, a digital experience platform for B2B commerce, have announced a new partnership designed to help provide a pre-integrated option for B2B-specific search capabilities. Together, the organizations are focused on using their combined solutions to provide an optimized B2B search site that helps businesses grow online revenues, traffic, and conversion rates.

“We are proud to be the first out-of-the-box connector for the Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud and we expect to help Optimizely-powered web sites grow revenue.” CEO of Bridgeline, Ari Kahn, said.

The partnership will use Bridgeline’s Hawksearch platform to drive site-search on customers’ sites with no code required for setup. It will seek to optimize site-search for B2B buyers by enhancing user experience, accelerating product discovery, boosting conversion rates, and delivering customer success.

With the partnership, Hawksearch will become a revolutionary fully integrated, out-of-the-box search vendor designed specifically for B2B search optimization. Third-party search providers can upgrade their capabilities to connect to B2B commerce search API credentials with a simple switch.

Bridgeline powers digital experiences for top businesses around the world such as Shell, CVS, AstraZeneca, UPS, and Caterpillar. Its innovative solutions are responsible for supporting sales development for over 2,500 enterprise clients in more than a hundred countries.

The New York-based Optimizely features several content creation, eCommerce, and AI tools that are trusted by over 9,000 business organizations around the globe. Top companies from multiple industries such as Ebay, New Era, Dolby, and Pizza Hut rely on the digital experience platform (DXP) to produce and measure personalized site searches that work for their requirements.

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“When looking for a search partner, Hawksearch quickly distinguished itself as a leader in the B2B search space. Optimizely was quick to recognize how our B2B customers could benefit from this partnership, and we are excited to have Hawksearch pre-integrated and available directly in the admin console,” said Optimizely’s Senior Director of Strategy and Commerce, Josh Shoonmaker.