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One Door Partners With Influ2, Invests In Person-Based Advertising

The partnership enables people-based advertising, which focuses on creating personalized interactions with target audiences.

David Pepin

Industry-leading cloud-based visual marketing software One Door has announce it is teaming up with Influ2, an innovative B2B solution that focuses on person-based advertising.

Person-based advertising is the strategy to target actual people rather than accounts to ensure personalized interactions and outreach. With the new partnership, One Door enhances its capabilities to reach target audiences with valuable information, filtering out unnecessary contacts from lists.

“Influ2 is one of the most reliable ways to know that an individual has engaged with you and that’s an important part of why we’re using the platform to put our branding front and center with engaged prospects,” said Ken Kuperstein, Director of Marketing at One Door. “When we get the ‘Influ2 clickers’, there is that kind of excitement of: ‘These are great leads!’ Influ2 helped our sales team understand interest and engagement from their key accounts and the decision-makers. It’s been really positive having visibility of these results.”
Influ2 features several tools designed to help marketers build relationships with their clients. Name tracker technology allows users to track potential customers’ names, jobs, and contact information when they interact with ads. The feature can be integrated with CRM profiles, notifications, and insight analytics to help marketers optimize their marketing strategies.
The solution integrates with One Door’s marketing cloud, trusted by industry-leading companies such as Comcast, Samsung, Cricket, and Cox. The merchandising solution takes advantage of cloud capabilities, mobile optimization, and AI elements to help operations teams design, execute, and improve store merchandising strategies. As a result, teams become more efficient and can experience better customer experiences and sales numbers.
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The integration boosts One Door customers’ ability to create relevant content, distribute it to the correct networks, and monitor the performance feedback.
“Working with CommCreative, One Door was one of the early adopters of Influ2.  They were experiencing the exact challenge that Influ2 tries to solve – where the wrong buyers are targeted with repetitive, irrelevant ads,” said CEO and Co-founder of Influ2, Dmitri Lisitski.
“This occurs too often in digital advertising, and so many people are turned off by it, and companies end up pouring a lot of money into campaigns that don’t drive results. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I knew that a better approach was possible and that’s why I launched Influ2. And, One Door’s story is proof that marketers can effectively use ABM – all they need is enough insight to reach the right person.”