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New Research: How To Create A Better Customer Experience In 2021

Great customer interactions are a necessity in today’s business world, and all it takes are a few simple steps to head in the right direction

David Pepin

According to research by Broadbridge, 56 percent of consumers believe that the Covid pandemic has changed the way consumers and businesses interact forever. The research, which was part of their annual study of customer experience trends, revealed that both consumers and businesses changed the way they interact with each other.

The study claims that 51 percent of consumers believe that businesses still have areas to improve when it comes to changing customer experience. This is likely a result of 84 percent of consumers who expect to be able to easily interact with digital and physical channels.

However, if a company can get their customer experiences correct, there are rewards to be found. According to the report, most consumers are willing to spend more and spend more often on a company’s product if they offer a good customer experience.

The study also found that consumers consider three factors to be the highest importance to customer experience: simple language, choices in channels, and quick and easy reads.

Perhaps most important is delivering a personalized experience to every customer. By ensuring that content has value and is engaging, organizations can create meaningful interactions with consumers that build a relationship.

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The study listed three essential capabilities for successful customer experiences:

  • Maintain your customer personas and understand your customer base
  • Know your preferred channels and optimize your management of them
  • Know your weak points and how you can strengthen them

In 2021, consumers don’t just want good customer experiences, they need it. And if your business is not going to give it to them, then they will find someone who will. But by thinking like a consumer and knowing what they would want out of an interaction, businesses can build a customer experience strategy that will build relationships.