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New Research: AI Has Changed Business Selling Forever

Gartner released findings to a new study that reveal how artificial intelligence has significantly evolved the way companies do business.

David Pepin

New research from Gartner reveals that artificial intelligence has permanently changed the way businesses sell because of the way it streamlines and derives valuable analytics.

The global research firm highlighted this finding at their 2021 CSO & Sales Leader Conference, which was held virtually.

Having an AI strategy is undeniably a valuable tool in B2B, but more importantly is knowing how to use an AI Strategy.

According to the research, companies need to take several steps to ensure that their AI strategies are working at their best:

  1. Train all your salespeople on the fundamentals of AI-guided selling.
  2. Identify sales processes and outcomes that are personalized to the company’s processes and goals.
  3. Choosing the right AI selling technology.
  4. Identify the parts of the sales process that are most prone to human error.

Ultimately, experimenting with new technologies and artificial intelligence will have its growing pains. However, companies that adopt can see serious upgrades to their sales processes.

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Tad Travis, VP of Research at Gartner, commented, “Knowing that sales process discipline must be improved to increase the chances of closing new deals, sales leaders are investigating new data-driven, AI-centric guided selling functions for improving sales execution.”