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Navori Labs Releases New Aquaji Software For AI-Driven Analytics

The software is designed to help businesses better understand their consumers through meaningful AI-driven analytics.

Navori Labs Releases New Aquaji Software For AI-Driven Analytics
TD Staff

Digital signage software company Navori Labs has launched Aquaji, an AI-driven marketing analytics software designed to improve the customer experience in physical environments.

According to the company, Aquaji can count unique visitors and gather demographic data, length of stay, wait time and attention span over segmented time slots spanning from hours to months. The software can help businesses understand consumer habits and profiles in environments like brick and mortar stores, restaurants and shopping malls.

Long term, Navori’s new software is intended to help businesses create new opportunities for growth and profitability through stronger customer engagement.

According to the company, the launch of Aquaji follows three years of research in applied artificial intelligence. The software leverages computer vision to analyze and assess visitor metrics, behavioral patterns and marketing activities to help businesses better manage physical spaces.

Instead of facial recognition, the software uses face and body detection and coding instead to identify and recognize each visitor. According to Navori, Aquaji can distinguish between staff and customers without duplicates or false positives thanks to a unique key for each person created through aggerate data.

That is designed to give marketers and store managers reliable and comparable data to measure performance in physical spaces and help improve product merchandizing and advertising campaigns.

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According to Navori, businesses that monetize their networks with Aquaji, along with their advertisers, also benefit through comprehensive anonymized audience demographic data, visitor attributes, and ad impression metrics that help them precisely calculate efficiency ratios.

The software’s native API can also send audience information to programmatic platforms to help advertisers re-evaluate ad content and placement decisions, and access data to feed their internal business intelligence and data science systems for deeper analysis.

Businesses can also pair Aquaji with Navori’s QL digital signage software to more effectively target the right content for audiences using QL’s context-aware digital signage automation.

Aquaji can be set up with new or existing security cameras and is immediately available for cloud deployment, with an on-premise version to follow.

In a statement, Navori Labs CEO Jerome Moeri said the company’s investment in computer vision technology has led to several new applications, including Aquaji, which he called a “breakthrough” solution for physical business growth.

“Digital signage software and marketing analytics have long been disparate pieces of the customer experience, with the former focused on messaging and content delivery, and the latter responsible for audience measurement and qualification,” Moeri said.

“We now offer true interoperability across visual communication and business intelligence through a complete omnichannel marketing approach. We are empowering physical businesses with a more interactive and fully integrated solution to improve their customer experience strategy and overall business performance.”

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