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Metadata Enhances Demand Gen Platform, Granted Two New Patents

The B2B demand generation platform will use the patents to advance its product capabilities and automation features.

David Pepin

Metadata.io, an innovative demand generation platform designed to help B2B marketers maximize their revenue, has announced it has received two new patents from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to further develop its AI technology.

With the new patents, the platform’s fourth and fifth, Metadata can help its users accelerate processes that bring them closer to revenue and boost existing campaign performance.

“These patents are taking a step beyond a simple instruction manual to help customize and execute new marketing strategies based on a particular customer’s needs,” said Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata.

“We’re building a platform that allows revenue marketers to automatically run completely pre-optimized programs that apply proven B2B marketing best practices and playbooks across channels and technologies.”

The first of the two patents was awarded to Metadata to enhance its proactive marketing product. The technology is able to read and analyze customer data to make recommendations on future marketing and engagement strategies.

The second patent was given to Metadata for its employment of templates and playbooks. With the latter being the driving concept Metadata is looking to evolve into, the patent allows the company to apply B2B marketing best practices to customer-driven campaigns and integrations.

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New and existing Metadata users can use these patents to help integrate full technology stacks with a platform that consumes and analyzes years of valuable customer data. Users can tell the intelligent platform exactly what they are trying to achieve and the solution will make recommendations suggesting how users should organize and implement their technologies and campaigns.

Around the world, Metadata is trusted by B2B marketers at over 170 companies. Enterprise customers include Zoom, Okta, G2, and ThoughtSpot.

“Historically, AI has been more of a novelty. Now, it’s embedded everywhere in our personal lives,” continued Allouche.

“It’s innate – we trust it without question when we need directions or groceries at our door. On the business side, however, we are only on the brink of its possibilities. But the technology is here, and ready to be leveraged.”