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MeritB2B And True Influence Merge, Empower B2B Marketing Strategies

The new partnership combines two B2B focused providers of full funnel data, ABM, and marketing strategies.

David Pepin

MeritB2B, a leading platform providing B2B data, analytics, and performance marketing solutions, has announced it is acquiring True Influence. True Influence is a leading software company in the B2B marketplace providing dynamic buyer intent identification, processing, and delivery solutions.

“With the combination of MeritB2B and True Influence, the B2B industry and B2B CMOs get the best data-driven marketing solution for their business, including robust demand generation and technology enabled ABM capabilities that are truly future-proof,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO of MeritB2B. “With an exclusive focus on B2B marketing needs, our own world-class data resource, and the ability to activate that data with leading edge marketing cloud technology, B2B CMOs get a full funnel offering that will grow with their evolving needs. We believe this combination represents the future of B2B marketing.”

Together, the companies aim to create a full-funnel, comprehensive solution to empower B2B marketers with the tools to create omnichannel campaigns and strategies. The combined solution gives B2B users access to multiple databases, technologies, and AI to help marketers make better decisions.

Since MeritB2B was established in 2000, the company has used its data-driven solution to help B2B and tech marketers promote growth strategies. With six office locations scattered around the United States and one in London, the software company is trusted around the world by leading enterprise clients such as Microsoft, Forbes, L.L. Bean, Lenovo, and IBM.

Joining MeritB2B, True Influence uses ABM strategies to provide users with a single platform for all sales and marketing activities. Its suite of tools are designed to help amplify brand messages, engage with target audiences, and gather intelligent buyer insights.

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The company was founded in 2008 by the current Chief Executive Officer, Brian Giese, and Chief Technology Officer, RK Maniyan to promote best practices for B2B sales and marketing teams. Today, the company has grown exponentially and is trusted by some of the top names in multiple industries such as Staples, SAP, Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Workday.

“True Influence was built on category defining technology to help B2B marketers and CMOs make smarter marketing decisions throughout the customer funnel and drive growth for their organizations,” said Maniyani. “We are thrilled to join MeritB2B, to continue to innovate and to deliver both out-of-the box and custom solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s B2B marketers.”