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Marin Software Expands Social Ad Capabilities With TikTok Integration

The digital marketing software will now support TikTok on its suite of ad optimization and cross-channel performance tools.

David Pepin

Industry-leading digital advertising platform Marin Software has announced a new strategic integration of its MarinOne solution with TikTok’s Ad Manager. The integration allows advertisers to optimize TikTok ad campaigns with improved insights, campaign management tools, and AI capabilities.

“TikTok has transformed the way brands interact with audiences with engaging and interactive content and provides advertisers a full-funnel marketing experience from brand awareness to native in-feed engagement and even the opportunity to start cultural trends,” said Chris Lien, Marin Chairman and CEO.

“We are excited to integrate our advanced reporting and automated bidding to help advertisers drive growth on this unique marketing channel.”

With over a billion monthly users, TikTok has grown into one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. The platform’s ability to inspire action in users after engagement makes the platform an extremely powerful marketing tool for brands.

TikTok’s own research reveals that 43 percent of users try a new thing or place after seeing it on the app. Additionally, 56 percent of users feel that they can have authentic interactions with brands, especially when they post unpolished content.

By harnessing this potential on the MarinOne platform, the software company aims to unlock unique value in TikTok ad campaigns. The integration will provide users with a range of analytics features such as:

  • Flexible report creation for all TikTok campaigns.
  • Compare TikTok campaigns side-by-side next to other paid social campaigns.
  • Customizable KPIs, data roll-up, and report dimensions.
  • Easily exportable data to spreadsheets, cloud platforms, and other BI tools.
  • Creative A/B testing.
  • Optimized performance insights.

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For nearly 15 years, Marin Software has been a trusted platform by industry-leading brands to enhance their paid search, social media, and e-commerce advertising.

Around the world, the San Francisco-based software has managed more than $40 billion in ad spend for top businesses such as Sky Glass, Nissan, Sharper Image, Reckitt, and Windsor.