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Lytics Releases New Data Sharing Capability With Google Marketing Platform

The integration is intended to allow marketers to seamlessly share their data between platforms to help increase ROI on Google ads.

TechDecisions Staff

More from the company:

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers today is delivering and optimizing targeted advertising on third-party platforms. Lytics is the only customer data platform with a tag automatically available in Google Tag Manager that allows you to quickly start collecting the data needed to build a real-time single view of your customer.

Lytics CDP has revolutionized the way that marketers see their customers by generating deeper insights into content affinities, behavioral trends, and finely targeted segments.

“Our goal with this integration is to help Lytics customers execute more precise targeting and increase ROI from their Google ad spend,” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics.

“This is a top-of-mind concern for them so by integrating our CDP with Google Marketing Platform, we’re giving marketers a home-field advantage on one of the world’s most powerful online marketing platforms. As marketers move up the maturity curve, they can surface the customer intelligence they’ve gained with Lytics to understand how customers are engaging with content, why they convert, and know what’s working or not.”

The integration between Lytics Customer Data Platform and Google Marketing Platform extends across the entire suite of GMP tools including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Optimize 360, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Display and Video 360, Google Data Studio, and Firebase.

Lytics CDP customers who run campaigns using GMP will now be able to:

  • Bring Lytics segments into Google Analytics for real-time analysis via reports
  • Automatically deploy the Lytics tag from Google Tag Manager
  • Recognize and suppress existing customers as they convert
  • Optimize personalized campaigns
  • Improve personalized on-site experiences

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