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LumApps Acquires HeyAxel, Improves Personal Employee Experiences

HeyAxel’s personalized employee experience solutions will help LumApps users optimize their workforce engagement strategies.

David Pepin

Leading employee experience platform LumApps has announced it has acquired HeyAxel, an easy-to-use HR automation and employee onboarding solution. The acquisition is designed to help fuel LumApps’ overall platform growth and its ability to personalize experiences for every employee in an organization.

“The acquisition of HeyAxel allows us to take an innovative step forward in our product development by adding an easy-to-use journey engine that makes it simple to create personalized, smart, and integrated journeys. Our customers will be able to deliver tailored information and insights to their employees at every stage of their tenure to improve engagement and promote positive experiences,” said Sébastien Ricard, CEO at LumApps.

By adding HeyAxel’s no-code solution, LumApps customers will have the tools necessary to create and manage unique journeys across every step of the employee lifecycle. The solution will be fully integrated into the LumApps Employee Experience Platform and will include a suite of broadcasting, quiz, survey, and omnichannel orchestration capabilities.

These types of personalized communications are designed to help company’s enhance their overall employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Since the platform was launched in 2015, LumApps has grown into one of the world’s top employee experience platforms. Complete with Google and Microsoft integrations, the platform works to help its users accelerate workforce communication, engagement, and access to information.

More than four million business professionals around the world use the solution, representing some of the most recognizable brands such as Airbus, The Economist, and Electronic Arts. 

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“HeyAxel’s no-code platform enables HR managers to easily create specific journeys like onboarding and career milestones,” said Arnaud Weiss, CEO and Co-founder at HeyAxel.

“Joining LumApps will enable us to create additional components for all the various stages throughout an individual’s tenure. This merger signifies the clear convergence in our vision of putting employees at center stage and ensuring cutting-edge and best-in-class journeys in an employee experience platform.”