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Level AI Uses New Funding To Empower AI Customer Interactions

The company raised $13 million in Series A funding thanks to leading investors Battery Ventures, Eniac, and Village Global.

David Pepin

According to research by NewVantage, over 90 percent of companies plan to continue or increase their investments in artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. AI is becoming a normal part of business success, and startup machine intelligence system Level AI has announced it will be boosting AI capabilities for customer service interactions thanks to $13 million in Series A funding.

Research suggests that in 2021, up to 80 percent of emerging tech organizations will use AI as a fundamental part of their strategy. By 2030, the global AI industry could be valued at over $15 trillion.

“Our product helps agents in real time to perform better, resolve customer queries faster and make them clear faster. Then after the call, it helps the auditor, the folks who are doing quality assurance and training audits for those calls, do their jobs five to 10 times faster,” Level AI founder Ashish Nagar said.

“We now have all this call data, email data, chat data, and we can look at it through a new lens to train agents better and provide insights to other aspects of the business like product managers and so on.”

Level AI works by first understanding and analyzing a conversation before comparing the data with workflows and collecting it to help companies grow their strategies.

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Since the company was officially launched in 2018, it has made a focus of improving customer interactions through conversational AI. It has raised a total of $15 million to help empower customer engagement teams.

The solution allows customer facing teams to customize their AI strategies and integrate with applications such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Five9, Twilio, and more. With artificial intelligence exhibiting massive growth in recent years, the company is poised to grow its footprint in the industry.