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Kiss PR Introduces Suite Of White-Label Marketing Solutions

The white-label solutions make high-quality, professional marketing strategies accessible for many small to enterprise businesses.

David Pepin

For many small SEO and web design companies, producing original digital marketing features can require resources they simply don’t have access to. The solution for many small and startup brands is to invest in white-label services.

White-label services are mass-produced and designed to help small brands offer optimized products without having to develop them on their own. By using a proven service produced by one company for rebrand by another, small companies can easily enter the market with features that have already been tested in the industry.

Kiss PR, a leading digital marketing agency for growing web content, has announced it is releasing its own line of white-label SEO, earned media, and PR services. With the release the agency aims to help small businesses offer a full suite of marketing services, without having to invest the time and money into developing the services on their own.

“Just in time for Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving shopping, many SEOs, e-commerce companies are looking to promote their content,” Said Agnes Zang, Director of Content, Kiss PR.

“Due to the Holidays large media buys of Google and Facebook ads will start to become expensive as scarcity begins to affect inventory, so KISS PR will be at work publishing new product announcements, business press releases available via a large network of news sites that will be happy to carry and publish good content.”

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The white-label services will help brands offer quality products at an affordable price. Brands of any size can use the solution to streamline their content production, SEO, and website optimization.

Kiss PR is trusted by more than 28,000 customers around the world, including several of the top media sites such as USA Today, Google News, Bloomberg, Associated Press, and NBC News.

“Our Partnership helps small agencies to champion small businesses and become successful,” said Qamar Zaman, Chief Growth Officer, Kiss PR.