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InMobi Adds Appsumer To Boost User Acquisition Strategies

With billions of people around the world using mobile devices, the acquisition helps companies reach their target audiences with their apps.

David Pepin

Around the world, more than 5.2 billion people use a mobile device in their daily activities. That’s over 66 percent of the entire population. In the United States, the percentage is much higher with 85 percent owning a smartphone. Notably, 96 percent of the U.S. population between ages 18-29 own a smartphone.

With the amount of mobile device users only expected to grow as time goes on, it begins to open up new opportunities for mobile marketers to reach their target audience.

InMobi, a global company in the mobile marketing industry, has announced it has acquired the mobile application insights platform Appsumer. The move combines two of the industry’s most dynamic organizations under the mission to empower marketers with a single channel to assess marketing content, monetization, and technology performance.

“Appsumer brings a next-generation approach for advertisers to better understand the efficacy of their marketing efforts across multiple channels that growth marketing teams employ daily,” said Abhay Singhal, Co-Founder of InMobi Group and CEO of InMobi Marketing Solutions. “The solution makes it easy to map all mobile performance media investment to business outcomes; Shumel and his team are well-known industry leaders and visionaries in their field and will play an instrumental role in driving InMobi’s next wave of growth and innovation.”

The acquisition impacts InMobi’s ability to help its users acquire new app users. With unique engagement tools and features, Appsumer brings industry expertise in user acquisition (UA) to help users facilitate more growth.

The solution gives mobile marketers the benefit of automated insights and flexible dashboards to help apps perform at the maximum level. Along with partnerships with media and attribution brands such as Twitter, Facebook, and AppsFlyer, the company is a powerful tool for brands looking to grow their audiences.

With the new capabilities from Appsumer, InMobi’s global enterprise customers such as Unilever, Mondelez, and L’Oreal gain artificial intelligence tools to help optimize results of user acquisition strategies.

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“Joining forces with InMobi potentially represents an exponential growth path for our pioneering technology,” said Shumel Lais, CEO and Founder of Appsumer. “I’m excited that Appsumer has the opportunity to get into the hands of even more developers and marketing teams worldwide to leverage our offering, to become the default home for growth marketing.”