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Infostretch Expands Data Analytics Effectiveness With Gathi Acquisition

The move enhances the solution’s data analytics capacity for multiple industries, empowering digital transformations.

David Pepin

According to Gartner market research, 72 percent of of data leaders who prioritize digital initiatives are a vital part of their enterprise’s digital transformation. Infostretch, a market leader in digital engineering solutions, has announced that it is expanding its capabilities with the acquisition of Gathi Analytics, an advanced analytics service.

The move upgrades Infostretch’s data analytics potential and brings it closer to a full data engineering company. Gathi Analytics was founded on the mission to help companies take advantage of their data assets and to optimize analytics.

“Gathi’s analytics capabilities help enterprises gain key valuable insights from disparate data sources faster and more efficiently than previously possible.” said Rutesh Shah, CEO and Founder of Infostretch. “In combination with our cloud and digital engineering capabilities, we now have the ability to help companies execute on their digital vision with exceptional precision and speed.”

Gathi works by allowing teams to monitor, read, and analyze their data metrics as a way to empower their decisions and strategies. The tools and services provide advanced cloud analytics capabilities and data modernization platforms.

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“Enterprises have drained an enormous amount of resources building vast, complex data stores in support of their MIS reporting and decision support engines,” said Vamsi Kora, Gathi Founder and CEO. “We give business users the power to access and interact with this data to inform their decision-making in real-time. With Infostretch, we can apply our expertise to a much broader set of customers while amplifying our impact. The complementary services and great cultural fit between the two companies – both with a strong engineering and technical DNA make this a perfect alliance. I see significant opportunities ahead.”

The move is Infostretch’s second such acquisition of the year designed to boost its data management power. In March of 2021, the solution announced its move to acquire Saggezza, a global tech consulting service. The two acquisitions this year come during a period of growth for Infostretch, which operates globally on 3 continents.