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Informatica Releases New Cloud Data Integration Engine Offering

The enterprise cloud data management company aims to make data processing faster and more accessible with its new CDI engine launch.

David Pepin

Informatica, a leader in enterprise cloud data management, has released its brand new Cloud Data Integration Engine in an effort to speed up data processing.

The engine was launched with a goal to make data processing simpler, more accessible, and more cost-efficient. By allowing for start-to-finish machine learning operations, it is making the data processing experience more economical.

According to Informatica, the new offering has capabilities to accelerate data processing to nearly five times as fast as normal. The capabilities are made possible by its NVIDIA graphical processor units (GPUs) and softwares that take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company claims that by using GPUs and Apache Spark, machine learning operations are significantly streamlined and made more efficient.

The following bullet points are a summary of the new engine’s capabiltities:

  • Accelerated data processing by up to 5 times as fast.
  • Streamlined and accelerated NVIDIA graphical processor units.
  • Simplified GPU access by converting mappings into Spark codes.
  • Accelerated data delivery.
  • Low cost, low coding data access and management.
  • Up to 72% savings in total cost of ownership (TCO).

The engine aims to make understanding and utilizing data more accessible to the masses. It empowers users from all different levels to understand their insights and analyze solutions at scale.

The engine service will be available for use on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform starting soon.