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iContact Acquires Moz In SEO And Email Campaign Merger

The move brings new SEO capabilities to iContact’s email marketing platform, expanding its offerings to consumers.

iContact Acquires Moz In SEO And Email Campaign Merger
David Pepin

A major key to successful email marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) has the power to take campaigns to the next level. iContact Marketing, a customizable email marketing service for small businesses, has announced its acquisition of the SEO software Moz.

The move comes as part of iContact’s strategy to harness SEO capabilities for its users. Moz has built a SEO name for itself in the industry since its launch, and it currently tracks 40.7 trillion links and over 1.2 million websites. The brand offers 500 million suggestions for keyword usage and aims to use these resources to make SEO more accessible.

Moz will be bringing these capabilities to iContact’s email marketing tools that helped deliver 68 billion emails last year.

“If we ask our customers, which we do routinely, what the number one tool that they need, beyond email, it’s undoubtedly SEO. So there’s a great pairing of SEO and email marketing,” said Michael Pepe, president, iContact.

The merger plans to create a single solution of SEO driven email campaigns for the two companies’ similar client-base.

“Since the beginning, Moz has elevated SEO as a critical strategy for growth and brand recognition. With this news, our mission remains the same. Moz should only innovate faster and more effectively for our customers.” said Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz. “We are excited to begin collaborating on new solutions for our collective customers.”

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The move has big implications for the marketing technology industry, providing more tools and features for different email campaigns. Both companies believe they are a match based on their similar customers and goals,

“Together, Moz and our email marketing brands should continue to offer technology solutions to enable small and mid-size businesses to grow and prosper,” said Pepe in a statement.