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A Humanized Account-Based Marketing Approach for B2B Companies

Why should B2B businesses adopt a “humanized account-based marketing” approach that is buyer-focused?

A Humanized Account-Based Marketing Approach for B2B Companies
Staff Editor

It’s a question that so many in the tech marketing space have to think about each day: what can I do to improve my communication with customers surrounding a new product to really show them its value?

One potential answer lies in your ability to “humanize” your account-based marketing approach.

According to Profitwell Head of Growth Stephen Ngo, pricing, retention, and an overall marketing message can all be pretty abstract concepts.

“We have things like box set and pricing page charter, which not only show visually what we do in order to kind of analyze what they’re doing there and show them how to improve. So we produce content that’s super valuable and actionable for those customers and shows them that if they work with us and use our product, here’s how things would improve.”

Ngo says they focus on both vertical and account based personalized ads, in order to produce messaging that not only communicates the value proposition, but also can show an illustration of what the product experience looks like.

Connecting to the buying group and key decision-makers directly

Technology manufacturers often struggle to fill out their buyer personas meaningfully and successfully connect with IT and other tech buyers — so how can they improve here and target those buyers’ key decision-makers?

Influ2‘s Founder and CEO Dmitri Lisitski says successful cases are all based on the idea that marketing and sales people should first talk to the same audience.

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“The important thing is to be able to have a conversation with salespeople around what content is relevant for every sell station, every sales context. And this information is available in CRM. If you know that somebody is paying attention to your advertising, somebody is engaging with the content already.

“And you know the name of this person, this is super important for salespeople to know and they can leverage this information, too. Do you want to reach out to this person with the proper context? So basically, it’s kind of a two way road where like marketing tools content that is relevant for for a specific sales context, but also create additional engagement or create additional sales countries.”